Friday, April 3, 2015

Machine Robo Evolbine: Mugen Storm

When Bandai launched the Machine Robo Mugenbine series in Japan of October 2003, who knew the line would carry on for so long? I was a very early adopter of the series and imported just about every single release. However when it came time to buy a house and move move of my Mugenbine items ended up on the chopping block. This was long before this blog existed and I had wished I held onto some of those sets if nothing else so I could have photographed them for the blog.

During the line's existence, the focus seemed to change overtime. The Evolbine series is more or less a spin-off from the main series, yet the premise is still basically the same. Each kit was sold individually in grocery stores in Japan, similar to the way baseball cards are sold in the States. Each kit would contain pieces that you build the various forms. Buy all the kits in the series and you could form a combiner type figure.

The Evolbine series differed in the sense that the kits form an egg, similar to the egg shaped containers that housed little toys and such found inside vending machines. Then the kits would "evolve" from a hatchling into their final animal form. Interesting concept if I do say so myself. There were a few sets in this series, but I only managed to import Mugen Storm back in 2012.

I've had these photos sitting on my hard drive for years so I apologize that I'm just now getting around to this post. I realized while I was editing the photos that I never snapped any shots of the animals in their egg or hatchling forms. I apologize for this oversight on my part. I've scanned in the flatten boxes for each set so hopefully you can still get a good overall idea of how these work.

Storm Scale | water drake

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos221_zpsa2a9a17e.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos222_zpsb48d7f93.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos223_zps734fdc76.jpg

The egg shape pieces were used very well with Storm Scale as it gives him some girth as a water fowl. The combiner's sword doubles as the tail. It's not my favorite animal in the set, but stands up on it's own none the less.

Storm Fang | wolf

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos227_zpsbbbd87ac.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos228_zps1cb18f14.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos229_zpsbffb2102.jpg

Looking at this one I get a Transformers Ravage vibe based on the colors alone. This is one of the better sets in my opinion. He's not too bulky and he doesn't have too much kibble. You can pose in somewhat due to the construction of the figure. I had him in a ready to pounce stance...not sure why I didn't take a picture.

Storm Crow | crow

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos231_zps5f6e18b2.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos230_zps88b87c3a.jpg

Storm Crow is pretty cool too. Here you can see the combiner's chest piece is front and center as Storm Crow's chest. His wings can be re-positioned due to the nature of his construction as well.

Storm Stag | stag beetle

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos224_zps1233953e.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos225_zps90ced05b.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos226_zps198ff06b.jpg

Storm Stag reminds me a lot of a previous Mugenbine release. I was always partial to the Transformers G1 Deluxe Insecticon, Chop Shop, so I like this guy...even if he is rather simple.

Storm Horn | bull

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos218_zps2729a19c.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos219_zps51c5cf7f.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos220_zps8a78db58.jpg

Storm Horn is hands down the best figure in the set. I just love the long, slightly curved horns. He has a very menacing and evil look to him. The piece you see pegged in on his back can be removed. I believe this is part of the sword's hilt. The instructions how the piece there. Each set uses all the parts in the final evolved animal form.

Mugen Storm | combined form

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos234_zps4f4ca623.jpg

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos232_zps65b5ce0e.jpg

To assemble Mugen Storm, each set has to be disassembled. The instructions are printed on the reverse side of the boxes. At times it can be a little confusing as to which pieces to use when putting the combiner together, but with a little patience you'll have him built in a manner of minutes.

Most of the parts just peg into one another. This allows you to freely move his limbs and gives him a surprising amount of articulation. He basically has elbow, knee and ankle joints when combined. Mugen Storm is armed with a decent sized sword. He stands at around 9 inches or so. Not terribly huge, but still one awesome (and evil) looking robot.

Evolbine Mugen Storm photo BlogTFphotos233_zps4e29b536.jpg

Mugen Storm surprisingly has escaped many collection purges over the years and still remains in my collection as of this post. I've seen the blue/white redeco of this set on eBay from time to time, but the Mugen Storm deco must've been popular as I can't say I've seen him for sale anywhere in a long time. 

The Evolbine toys seem like a nice departure from the rest of the Mugenbine sets. Highly recommended if you can find him.


  1. I've never heard of this line before, which isn't surprising, but they look awesome. And Storm Horn great looking, but I really like Storm Fang.

    1. I love the Mugenbine candy toys. They started off simple enough and have evolved (pardon the pun) over the years. Lots of fun.

    2. I love the Mugenbine candy toys. They started off simple enough and have evolved (pardon the pun) over the years. Lots of fun.