Monday, April 13, 2015

DiaRobo: Puriteradon DR-0008

I'ts been awhile since we've taken a look at the awesome DiaRobo series of transforming vehicles from Agatsuma. Toyota vehicles had been featured on many of the previous releases, but never the Prius...until now. Like many of the DiaRobo toys, this mold was repainted and slightly retooled for a total of 3 different releases.

Diarobo DR-0008 photo 71afa87e-57ca-4308-b605-d3a9d9315b45_zps45102ad6_1.jpg

Today we'll look at another figure with a dinosaur alternate mode. Puriteradon, as best as his name translates that I can tell, features the alternate form of a pterodactyl...or is it a pteranodon? Like all releases thus far, the figure comes packaged in vehicle mode on a blister card with a removable clamshell bubble.

Diarobo DR-0008 photo CK017_zps32b0f3c5.jpg

Diarobo DR-0008 photo CK016_zps2d9ae417.jpg

Diarobo DR-0008 photo CK019_zpsf79954fa.jpg

I found the vehicle form to be quite pleasing once I got it removed from it's packaging. The plastic is thin and very light weight, but having just about every prior DiaRobo release I have come to expect this type of plastic to be used. The applied paint is nicely done and the vehicle holds together quite well. There is nothing that restricts the 4 free rolling wheels either so who's to say you couldn't use this mixed in with your Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars?

Diarobo DR-0008 photo CK014_zpsc8fd6ac9.jpg

Diarobo DR-0008 photo CK015_zps5e4b447c.jpg

Transformation is very straight forward. The car doors for the wings, with the wing tips folding out from behind the doors. The head is exposed when the roof and hood of the car are opened up and folded down. The legs are in the back section of the car, pulling out and down. The head and wings are all fairly poseable as are the feet.

I think I still prefer the vehicles with robot alternate modes, but kudos to Agatsuma for trying something different. The other versions of this toy change the head to made a white bald eagle and a black crow.

DR-1002 photo CK013_zps888cff28.jpg

DR-1002 photo CK007_zps976312ea.jpg

alongside DR-1002

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