Sunday, April 26, 2015

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra: Skydive

For this long time Transformers fan and collector, when I hear the name Skydive I immediately think Aerialbot. However in the GI Joe mythos Skydive is one mean looking paratrooper. Skydive first appeared as part of the Sky Patrol in 1990 as part of the A Real American Hero series. He wouldn't receive another figure until 2011 as part of Hasbro's Pursuit of Cobra line.

POC Skydive photo YoJoe008_zpsdc4bf70b.jpg

As you can see Skydive has had a big overhaul since 1990. He now has a slick, modern flight suit. I guess that's what you'd call it.

POC Skydive photo YoJoe013_zps28e383c6.jpg

The gear is removable as you can tell. Underneath you've got some sculpted body armor panels on the chest along with a generic looked masked head. Below on his left leg is a small holster for the included pistol.

POC Skydive photo YoJoe011_zps21ca629d.jpg

His flight pack backpack is pretty cool looking. The wings can fold down and be holstered in place, released by springs with the push of a button. There are also two small missiles that can be attached to the backpack.

POC Skydive photo YoJoe009_zps03024f04.jpg

I always like the Cobra characters more than the Joes, usually because of their unique look and or included accessories. However I found myself buying many of the Pursuit of Cobra Joe characters based on their looks. Skydive definitely fits the bill. I love the look of this figure. If I were able to customize this figure, I think it'd make a great Viper themed troop builder.

POC Skydive photo YoJoe012_zpsf5e2efd8.jpg

Skydive is one of the better POC Joe characters in my opinion. Cool look, lots of cool gear and a attractive secondary market price tag. If you skipped out on this figure or are just discovering him for the first time, he can be had for less than $15.


  1. I'm definitely just discovering this figure and for less than $15, seems like a great centerpiece to build a set around. Great looking figure!

  2. I need to find this figure looks awesome