Friday, March 6, 2015

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra: Crazylegs

I don't know what it was about the original 1987 A Real American Hero figure of Crazylegs that I liked so much, but he was always one of my favorite characters as a kid. I was never big into the Marvel comic series so I can't put my finger on why I gravitated to the character, but when I learned he was receiving a modern update in the Pursuit of Cobra series, I was excited.

POC Crazylegs photo YoJoe005_zps51e243fd.jpg

Thankfully the designers took that goofy look off his face from the original figure, but other than that it's a pretty faithful recreation of the ARAH toy. Same outfit, same colors, same design.

POC Crazylegs photo YoJoe006_zps466a1033.jpg

His parachute comes on the figure, but can be removed if you so choose to take it off. Thankfully the parachute isn't huge and bulky. It doesn't really detract from posing the figure or does it make him too top or back heavy.

POC Crazylegs photo YoJoe007_zps0c512bc2.jpg

The only other change, and it's a welcomed one, is that his helmet is now removable. Underneath you'll find Crazylegs wearing a black beanie. I should note that the figure came with a few more accessories than what I've shown. Years ago my display rack that housed many of my Joes fell off my wall and with that I lose many of the smaller guns and accessories.

Overall this is a beautiful figure and I can see how collector's flocked to it. A quick search on eBay shows that this figure, loose and complete, still commands $25-45! Part of me still wishes I owned this figure so I could display it side by side with my vintage Crazylegs, but I guess that will have to wait.

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