Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Breaking News: TFCon comes to Charlotte, NC

A year or so ago I had the pleasure in helping a fan organized Transformers themed convention become a reality in my hometown of Charlotte, NC -- Charticon. While the show was a success, it was financially exhausting to our main backer and organizer, Arkvander. While we hoped to have another show, it was starting to look like that wasn't going to happen.

I knew a few of the guys I was involved with did't want to take no for an answer. I knew they had the drive to keep on pressing and to try and find a way to make another show reality. Then yesterday afternoon in our group's private Facebook chat, a few of them said they had a big announcement coming later in the day.

In a partnership with TFCon, the newly developed USA version of the highly successful Transformers fan convention would be coming to Charlotte, NC in October of 2015! Yes, even this guy was surprised at the announcement!

It's still very early obviously so I don't have many details. While I'd like to be involved in this show, I haven't been approached. I'll be throwing my name out there to help in any way possible of course. With Charticon I helped organize the charity auction benefiting A Child's Place and I hosted one of the many fan panels.

Whatever my involvement may be (or may not be), I'm still on sitting on cloud 9 today over the announcement. For many reasons I've decided my days attending Botcon were done, but to have a show with the record of TFCon land in my backyard is great news. Especially the timing as I've had a lot of not so great news lately on the personal side of things.

From what Google tells me I have readers of this blog all over the map. If you are in the South East however then I urge you  to go ahead and start making your arrangements to be in Charlotte (well technically Concord, NC) this fall as I'm sure this show will be amazing.


  1. Thats less then an hour away from me! 39 miles. I wonder what the chances of this con having exclusives is.

    1. I believe past shows have had exclusives so I find there no reason for that not to be true in this case.