Friday, November 28, 2014

eBay store fully restocked!

Every year I've tried to list some goodies on eBay the week of Thanksgiving. Well this year I was a little later to the party than usual, but as of today I've loaded up my eBay store with new Transformers figures, TF parts, Marvel Legends figures & Build-A-Figure parts and lots, lots more. In fact I've listed so many items I ran out of my free listings I get w/ my eBay store subscription, so more new items will be added next week. Some of the items were listed via auction format, but the majority are new stock that will remain in the store until they are sold.

Items of interest include an empty Energon Wing Saber box and even his hard to find pair of missiles! Several cheap Unicron Trilogy figures and Mini-Cons added too. Transformers aren't your style? Then I've got a few loose Gobots up for grabs and I've got the hard to find and equally awesome GI Joe Sigma 6 figure, Lockdown, on auction. In the Marvel section you'll find a few new Marvel Legends and a few BAF parts and even a few of the Disney Vinylmation figurines. I've also re-listed several loose M.A.S.K. figures and a few vintage Masters of the Universe figures and accessories. To round things out you'll also find a few Mattel WWE figures and some of those Funko Mystery Mini Walking Dead vinyl figures.

As always, you can find a link to the store in the sidebar to the right, or just click here! I ship fast, most cases the same day as long as payment is made by 12 noon to 1 pm! Find that item to fill someone's stocking or just grab something for yourself.

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