Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New items added to my eBay Store

I took advantage of a slow afternoon and added several more items to my new eBay store.  If you are looking for G1 parts you're in luck as I added several today.  Parts for Scorponok, Roadbuster, Metroplex and many many more.  I also decided to try my luck at re-listing some hard to find Mini-Cons / Microns in an auction format over the holiday weekend.

I still have a TON of stuff to list, but I'll have to do it in small why not subscribe to the store's eBay newsletter to stay up to date on when new items are listed or items go on sale?  You can also 'Like' my Facebook page to stay up to date as well.

I promise to get back to toy blogging soon.  While it was nice to take a little break, I'm itching to get back to sharing many cool things I have.  Thanks for everyone's continued patronage.

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