Thursday, July 10, 2014

Transformers Collectible Figurines & 3D Puzzle Piece Collector Cards (Series 1)

It should come as no surprise that Hasbro has revved up the licensing machine and has been issuing the Transformers license to just about anyone willing to slap the robots on their product.  To cash in on the collectible PVC or vinyl and or blind packaged market, Goldie Marketing has released a series of small, super deformed collectible figurines based on the Generation 1, Prime and Movie segments of Transformers.  I found these in a gravity feeder over in the trading card aisle at my local Target.  I was already enticed by the concept itself, then I noticed it also included a weakness of mine...a collectible trading card.

This is a pack from series 1, but as you can tell there will be a total of 30 figurines between series 1 & 2.  When I picked this up I assumed the character assortment would be from G1 since Optimus Prime and Megatron were so predominantly displayed.  These foil packs retail for $2.99 each.  I should also mention these come packaged on a blister card with one figurine (that you can see) for $3.99 at Toys R Us and also in multi-packages for each segment.

So what's inside the pack and what do these figurines look like?  Well here you go.  In addition to the figurine, you also get a collector's base, the aforementioned trading card / puzzle piece as well as a checklist insert.  I was beaming when I saw Optimus Prime staring back at me from within the pack!


The figurines are small, one inch or so at best.  However they appear to be well sculpted and well painted. The paint applications are well placed and I wouldn't have expected so many different colors (I count 5) on a toy this small / cheap. Well played Goldie.

The included collector's stand is nothing more than a small rectangle piece of plastic with two pegs that insert into the bottom of the figurines' feet.  I should note that this Optimus Prime figure stands just fine without any additional support.  The bottom of the stand has the Thrilling 30 Transformers anniversary logo sticker.

The collector card is not your standard trading card size, but more narrow like a credit card.  The front features some nice artwork along with the tech spec rankings for that character.  Underneath the faction symbol you can see the character's number in the set.  Optimus Prime is #01/30.

The back side of the card is the 3D puzzle piece done up with the lenticular technology that is commonly seen on trading cards.  The back of the checklist insert shows off the assembled puzzle image.  While I like the idea of the puzzle, the front of the card captures more of my attention than the 3D backs.

Front, inside center and back of the checklist.

I was surprised to see that not only did this line of collectibles include G1 characters, but also a selection of characters from the Prime and Movie universes.  While I can't say the movie characters excite me at all, I like the inclusion of the Prime characters.

In my opinion, Goldie Marketing did a good job w/ the character selection.  G1 has some more of the iconic characters (of course Bumblebee had to be included) as well as Prime.  However I'm scared to buy another pack in fear of getting stuck with one of the movie characters!


  1. Wow I like how those look. I didn't see them the last time I went to TRU but then again I wasn't looking for them either. The cross generation thing will be good for the newer collectors for sure.

    1. G1 for the old school fan, Prime for the current fan and Movie for "those" fans.