Monday, October 31, 2011

Horror movie month #20 - Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Are you surprised that a Friday the 13th movie didn't make an appearance before now?  While I love the first film it's been showcased all over the place so I wanted to pick another movie in the series.  While I'm partial to part 3 (long before 3D special effects were used in just about every new movie), but for some reason I chose part 7 instead (Kane Hodder?).  As a whole most of the Friday movies are pretty good, heck even Jason X has it's moments.  The tag line for part VII: The New Blood is "Jason is back, but this time someone is waiting for him!"

Tommy Jarvis chained Jason Voorhees to the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake where he has laid dormant for many years.  That is until a young telekinetic girl, Tina Sheperd inadvertently awakes him from his long slumber.

I guess what I remember most about this movie was how Jason himself had a nemesis of sorts.  In the previous movies there really is no adversary for Jason as he just hacks away at his helpless victims.  Not so much in this movie.  I love the scene towards the end of the movie when Jason and Tina go head to toe.  Tina throws (literally) a lot at Jason and he takes the abuse and keeps getting up for more.  Kudos to Kane Hodder here as his acting is great.  In my opinion Kane was the best actor ever to wear the iconic hockey mask.  During the fight scene Jason truly looks puzzled over what is happening to him.  There is this sense of disbelieve that he is having someone stand up against him.  Take a look if you don't remember the scene:

I don't know about you, but this was an entertaining film thanks to the big fight scene.  All of the Friday the 13th movies have their moments.  Some are better than others, but part VII will always stand out in my memory.  As a bonus treat here is another video I found compiling Jason's kills.  Stayed tuned as my favorite horror flick is up next!

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