Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leaked Images of new Thundercats toys!

Official images of new animation released!

It's been awhile now since I first heard the news that one of my favorite properties from my childhood was going to be given a modern update.  I've seen pictures and pre-orders of new Thundercats statues and such, but nothing in the form of action figures yet.  Well that all changed today when I dropped in on the Toyark today.
Click HERE for the pictures courtesy of Toyark.com

Leaked from the 2011 UK Toy Fair are some blurry pictures of the new action figures!  This time around they'll come in two sizes apparently - 3 3/4" and 8".

Towards the bottom of the picture you can see a loose Thundertank along with a few boxed vehicles.  I know many fans will are delighted to see that the Thundercats are getting a 2nd chance.  Hopefully more information and better pictures will be released soon.

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  1. I don't think the new Liono looks as intimidating as the old school version. Cheetara looks real good though. They made her just as hot!

    Very exciting!