Wednesday, August 16, 2017

GI Joe 25th Anniversary: Cobra Range-Viper (Defense of Cobra Island)

In 2009 Hasbro released a very cool box set of GI Joe action figures called Defense of Cobra Island. This 7 figure set included the likes of Night Creeper, B.A.T., Lamprey, Dr. Mindbender, Air-Viper and an Alley-Viper. Of course many fans were quick to buy multiples of these box sets so they could bolster their Cobra troops.

Like with most GI Joe toys, he was originally packaged with several weapons and accessories. I'm missing his tripod for the grenade launcher, a black rifle and his backpack.

His helmet has a skull like look, but since the details are painted blue its hard to tell unless you are upclose. Hasbro went with a masked look underneath the helmet and if I'm being honest, I prefer this look more than I do the helmet.

I feel that Hasbro was really starting to hit their stride with Joe figures during this time and this Range-Viper is a good example of their work.

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