Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015 Botcon G2 General Optimus Prime Autoroller

Back in the days of Transformers Generation 2, there were a few items that ended up being axed. Most of these were simple repaints of previous toys, like the Laser Cycles and Autorollers. One of these cancelled toys was a repaint of the Decepticon Autoroller, Dirtbag as General Optimus Prime.

picture courtesy of Seibertron.com
I rather liked the Autorollers and this new color scheme was too bad. Now calling him General Optimus Prime I could care less for, but I'm all up for repaints of molds I like. Well while doing a little searching on Yahoo! Japan auctions, I ran across an auction for a toy that had a striking resemblance to this General Optimus Prime toy. I didn't both do translate the description as I could easily make out 'Botcon 2015' in the title. 

What gave this away to me was the G2 style logo on the back fender. I immediately knew who this character was supposed to be. 

While I don't own the Roadbuster mold (I opted for Fans Projects' version), I'm kinda digging this. Along with the cancelled G1 Double Pretender in this year's Botcon set, this is the 2nd toy that I really like and could see myself acquiring some day. If a new version of Flywheels becomes a reality like he's rumored to be, then make it three 2015 Botcon toys on my radar.

In closing I'll add that I thought I had a scoop here and was making news with this reveal...but it turns out I'm a little late to the party. Oh well...

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