Sunday, June 7, 2015

GI Joe Rise of Cobra: Volcano-Viper

The Rise of Cobra series of Joe toys may have produced a lot of stinkers, but at least we got the Volcano Viper figure. Canceled from the main release, the Volcano-Viper accompanied the Lava Pod, a small drill like tank vehicle. The figure was released to Ross discount stores in the US in limited quantities. His lone accessory was black rifle.

Thankfully Hasbro would revisit this mold during the 30th Anniversary series as the Cobra Hazard Viper. This is still one of my all time favorite Cobra figures, hands down. I love the baggy pants, the utility belt, the gas mask apparatus...this figure just oozes coolness, regardless of the deco. I'm glad Hasbro reused this figure so more people could appreciate it in all it's glory.

ROC Volcano Viper photo YoJoe016_zps419d31a6.jpg   30th Hazard Viper photo BlogampYoJoe086_zpsf31b6cc6.jpg

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  1. I wish the VOlcano Viper was single carded instead of with a vehicle he couldn't fit in.

    And yeah, those baggy pants so good. I loved them on the RoC Ice-Viper and I think one of the RoC store exclusive figures like Arctic Shipwreck has them.