Monday, May 18, 2015

KO Korner: G1 Transformers Override

There are many knock off Transformers toys in today's market, however this isn't a new trend. KOs go back as far as the original Generation One series of Transformers. These are the ones that especially fascinate me. Some are oversized and most are made with pretty crappy plastic, but every once in awhile I run across the exception. This KO of the Triggerbot Override is one of those exceptions.

 photo 216_zpscba2b821.jpg

 photo 217_zps3dff6f65.jpg

The Triggerbots (and cons) were released in 1988, however this blue version doesn't have a copyright stamp anywhere that I can find. The toy is identical to the original size, however as you can see many of the colors have been changed and there are new stickers. In addition to the chromed guns, the wheels have been chromed too.

 photo 221_zps6c1af052.jpg    photo 227_zps20f21367.jpg

Transformation is identical as well. Same limited articulation, same spring loaded gun gimmick. As far as I can tell nothing was changed on this toy outside of the colors.

One of the reasons I like this KO so much are 1) the new colors and 2) the plastic quality. I'd say it's on par with the vintage Hasbro version. My specimen's stickers and chrome show wear, but it is a 25+ year old toy (most likely).

 photo 219_zpse0cca38b.jpg

 photo 224_zps7ecceb9e.jpg

 photo 225_zps379339f4.jpg

 photo 229_zps75d34ead.jpg

I have no idea which toy company released this KO of Override, but I find it quite fascinating from top to bottom. I know this also comes in a black/maroon color as well as the seller I bought the blue version from had the other color variation. I just kick myself for not grabbing it while I could as I know these G1 KOs can be tough to come across.


 photo 218_zps519600da.jpg

 photo 222_zps7e106641.jpg

 photo 223_zpscd8de846.jpg

 photo 228_zpsf741ad3d.jpg

 photo 220_zps5f918b6c.jpg

 photo 230_zps753c92b8.jpg

 photo 226_zps7ad80f0f.jpg

 photo 231_zps2b62fc80.jpg
Standing in for Override with his Triggerbot brethren


  1. I have the Ko of Over-Ride but in the color Maroon.

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