Monday, March 30, 2015

GI Joe Rise of Cobra: Night Adder

Did you get caught up in the GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie merchandise blitz? I did. Yeah, I regret most of those purchases too. When it came time to get rid of them, I couldn't give them away in some cases. It was like the 2007 live action Transformers movie all over again. You would have thought I learned my lesson from the Transformers toys, but nope I bought a lot of Rise of Cobra stuff. While not all of the toys were bad, there were a few that really stood out and Night Adder was one of those.

ROC Night Adder photo YoJoe065_zps4725358b.jpg

Released in 2009, this is Cobra's new security guard. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a unique, single character or if its another faceless troop builder type character. Either way it's a very slick looking figure. And one more thing, he comes with a pitbull. Watch out Junkyard, there is a new dog in town!

ROC Night Adder photo YoJoe066_zpsa1f4d811.jpg

I love the look of this figure. He looks tough. Certainly not a guy I'd want to cross. From his metal helmet (or is it a mask?), to his vest, the tattoos, the shotgun to his dog. This is one Cobra guy that means business. Give him some boxing gloves and I swear you could have a modern Big Boa.

ROC Night Adder photo YoJoe068_zpsb34d8371.jpg

ROC Night Adder photo YoJoe069_zpscee1e120.jpg

I can't think of too many shirtless Joe figures, but check this guy out. He's ripped! He's got a 6 pack, decent sized biceps, even a muscular back. And let's not gloss over his tattoos. I particularly like the spider that appears to be crawling up his chest and the large 'Springfield' tat across his back is great.

ROC Night Adder photo YoJoe067_zpsa9a086d7.jpg

This is one of the best looking Rise of Cobra figures in the entire line. An original figure at that too. He also came with a pistol and a knife, but like many of my former figures those accessories were lost when my display rack went tumbling off my wall. 

I don't have many loose Joe figures in my collection, but I like this guy so much I may have to replace him in the near future. I think he'll go great with the Steel Crusher vehicle I still own.


  1. Man, the movie figures were awful. I only got the Paratrooper figure from that line.

    1. Yeah, RoC line did have a lot of stinkers. I bought most of the Cobra figures...only later to have buyer's remorse. Today the only RoC stuff I have left is the Steel Crusher and Night Raven vehicles with their respective figures.