Sunday, January 27, 2013

Transformers G1: Chase C-94


Chase marks my 3rd and final Japanese G1 Throttlebot in the collection...for now.  With awesome packaging like this how can one not want all 6 boxed, in their collection?  Chase's box sports the same style packaging that Goldback(bug) and Wideload we previously looked at.


I don't think I even brought up the pull back friction motor in the other reviews.  I for one like this "gimmick".  While my Jumpstarters and Battlechargers may not function as good now as they did 20 years ago, all of my Throttlebots work like a charm.

Look mom, no flap crease!
I really wish I could read Japanese...or at least find a translation for the back of these Throttlebot boxes.  The big blue "VS" letters for instance - who were the Throttlebots ever pitted against in the comics or cartoon.  I for the life of me can't remember if they had a nemesis.


I know it's not environmentally friendly to use styrofoam anymore, but dang do I ever miss these kind of inserts.


Who would've thought a small smushed up Ferrari would still look so great!  Chase is by far one of the best looking Throttlebots in vehicle mode, but he'll always be 2nd place behind Freeway.  Speaking of Freeway, I really, really, really want the Japanese boxed version of him.


Blue was a great choice for his robot bits...well at least for his head.  However when I look at his robot mode the G2 Gobots version of Optimus Prime comes to mind..


Fellow blogger, Pax Cybertron, has set out to own all of the Throttlebots as well, Japanese or Italian.  A little friendly competition is always fun.  At least we both have one version of Chase.


If you enjoyed these Japanese G1 posts then keep on reading as I have some more things up my sleeve from the Land of the Rising Sun with a vintage taste.


  1. YAY! Chase! The only one I like more is Searchlight! Oh man, if I find a Takara Searchlight in box...I'll be super stoked. I love that we're looking to complete the same collection! Great review, I agree about Chase, he looks amazing and I love his box art (even though mine's in Italian, lol).

  2. The VS box just has a short version of his bio in it. Function, alt mode etc. Mentions he can get up to 240 MPH and his weapon is a radar dish. Sadly no mention of nemeses at all. He is armed with a 'Radar dish.' Wonder why they wanted that in a VS box?

    It seems weird to see such a small figure packaged in a box with foam too! An yep, sweet box art all right!