Transformers KO Korner

One thing I've come to appreciate in my years of collecting Transformers are some of the wildly colored G1 KOs in particular. There are a lot of KOs on the market that just aren't worth the asking price. Then there are some that surprise me w/ their quality. Here you'll find my take on these various knock offs.

Transformers Knock-Offs

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  1. Hello again, this is Mike the KO Kollector and we chatted awhile back. I picked up quite a collection of KO's since we last spoke, and I would be happy to send you some pics for your archive if you are interested. BTW I reeeeeealy like your Highbrow KO, would you ever consider parting with it? I have a ton of stuff for trade if you are ever interested in working out a deal. Hit me up whenever, ttyl -Mike