Friday, July 3, 2020

Tomica: #105 Nissan GT-R Police Car

I'm not oblivious to Tomica having experienced some of their product when it was brought to the US courtesy of a deal with Toys R Us years ago, however most of my experience with the brand has been with items outside of the die-cast metal vehicles. At some point recently Walmart has struck a deal with Takara Tomy to bring the brand back to the US. I was excited when I first heard this news and eagerly started to check my local Walmarts. The first one I happened to find was one of the onces I was looking most forward to, the Nissan GT-R Police car.

Packaged on fairly large blister cards, the vehicle can be seen from both sides. Beneath the vehicle is the included cardboard storage box, just as how they come in Japan. The blister card itself has the familiar Tomica logo along with a large sun in the center, a nice nod to the land of the Rising Sun.

The cardboard storage box is a nice inclusion and makes these just a tad bit more collectible than your average die-cast vehicle. I wish the cardboard was a little thicker as I can see the box starting to wear down if opened/closed too much.

I'm really impressed by the overall presentation and quality. The build of the vehicle is very nice and the paint apps are nicely done. I was first introduced to the GT-R mold courtesy of Transformers Alternity and while this is a much smaller model, it's equally nice.

Oh, did I mention that the doors on both sides also open?

Over the last year or so I've been buying more Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars than I have in quite some time and I have to say Tomica has the edge over the two previous brands. I would hope this is the case since these cost five times as much as one of Mattel's iconic brands. Not all of these new Walmart Tomica vehicles have appealed to me so I've been more selective with what I've purchased, but this GT-R was a great first piece to re-experience iconic Japanese brand.

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  1. Awesome! I really like the packaging.. and the Nissan GT-R is a beautiful car.