Friday, October 19, 2018

New Comic Wednesday - 10/17/18

Everything was rolling along this week just fine until Thursday morning when I got a resignation email from one of my out of market managers. I had my weekly comic post ready to go and then it hit the back burner as I tried to work damage control. Small week for me, again, which is alright says my wallet.

When I first saw these "warped" character designs by Humberto Ramos online I was floored. I thought they were going to be one-shots and didn't realize they were tied into the ongoing Infinity Wars story. This one particular, Weapon Hex meshes X-23/Weapon X with the Scarlet Witch. It was instantly my favorite design of the four characters. I was said that Ramos didn't provide the interior art, but that sadness was wiped away when I realized Gerardo Sandoval did the art as I love his over the top style. Really, really looking forward to diving into this one.

Another week, another True Believers issue for a buck. This time it's a reprint of What If? #4 and the cover says it all. Anything Spider-Man related will be bought, especially when I missed this story the first time around.

Lastly the next part in the Witching Hour story by DC Comics. The story continues from Wonder Woman in this issue of Justice League Dark. Like last week's issue, this one features a nice green foil to Swamp Thing. Beautiful cover in hand. Two more parts until I sit down to read the story arc.

That's it. Until next Wednesday everyone!

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