Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shinkalion: Unity Combiner (video review)

I've been at this blog now for many years and I enjoy it. I feel as if old school written reviews are slowing fading away in this YouTube world we live in. However I can't deny the power of video. Heck, I even enjoy watching the random Transformers video review from time to time. Taking some inspiration from my 5 year old daughter, I decided to do a quick (is a 20 minute video quick?) video of the latest set of Shinkalion transforming trains from Takara Tomy. I had just finished shooting the photos for the upcoming blog post, but I was enjoying the toys too much to just put aside.

I hope to have the individual posts up for the three trains very soon, but for now you may want to check out the video. Tell me what you think...do you want to see more videos in the future or is my current written format sufficient? I'd really like to hear from some of the readers. Untl then, take care!

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