Sunday, January 1, 2017

GI Joe Loyal Subjects Wave 2: Roadblock

It's been awhile since I've looked at anything GI Joe related on this blog, so let's take of that shall we? While out doing a little Christmas shopping or my nieces and nephews at Toys R Us, I came across a fresh, undisturbed box of Loyal Subject's wave 2 Joes. I'm familiar w/ the company, but not these actual figures. I had a few of LS Transformer figures, but ultimately decided to let them go as they just didn't do anything for me. However these GI Joe versions, especially wave 2 caught my eye. How could I pass up the chance to see what these were like first hand?

They come blind packaged in nice little retro style boxes. The front features Snake-Eyes in all his comic art glory. The chocking hazard warning is a sticker...I'm guessing it was an after thought?

The sides and back of the box show off the entire wave of characters, along with the general odds of which one you'll get. Of course the more desired Cobra figures are the ones that are hardest to get, that being the Baroness, Crimson Guard and Cobra Trooper.

I love the inclusion of the old school Flag Points on the back, but what really intrigues me is the line "Collect GI Joe vehicles and playsets, sold separately". Is there more than meets the eye here? Is Loyal Subjects teasing us with more possible offerings, or is that just for looks?

The figures are packaged in a sealed foil bag along with a little file card. I like this because I see a lot of blind packaged toys these days opened on retail shelves. At least if some jerk opens the box to peek inside they'll still have to get into the foil bag to see which character is inside.

The included file card is sized to that of a traditional trading card. Being a card collector I love this. The back side of the card has the same image of Snake-Eyes from the box. I don't have any file cards of Roadblock so I don't know how closely the info matches any prior versions, but Loyal Subjects nailed the look of the classic cards.

Unlike many collectible vinyl figures on the market today, these are Action Vinyls, meaning they have articulation. The head appears to be a on ball joint and that allows the head to freely move around as well as up and down. He has articulation at his shoulders, wrists, hips and thighs. He appears to have what feels like a classic o-ring in his waist area, but I'm not sure if that is 100% the case.

Some people may be put off by the large head of the character, but I like it personally. Gives the toy a unique look and feel. The paint apps (at least on mine) look great and aren't messy at all. The plastic quality feels solid.

Just like the classic A Real American Hero toy, Roadblock comes packaged with his classic weapons an accessories. You get a helmet, backpack and his machine gun with removable tripod.

Overall these are great little figures. Toys R Us retails them for $12.99, which isn't too bad. I would imagine if other mass retailers carried these they may be in the $9.99 to $10.99 range. Either way, I'm glad I was able to check one of these out and will keep my eyes open for more in the future.

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