Sunday, November 20, 2016

Spider-Man (2010): Power Charge Rhino

I've been reading comics now for over 20 years and Spider-Man and his rogue gallery have been some of my favorite characters. For the most part I have avoided buying Spider-Man action figures, however when Hasbro started a new trend in 3 3/4" Marvel action figures with the Universe series back in 2009, I found myself picking up Spider-Man and many of his villains. 

Some characters however didn't make it into the Universe series, but did end up in a different Spider-Man series of 3 3/4" figures. The line was simply called Spider-Man (released in 2010) and it featured some truly great sculpts of some classic Spider-Man characters. This is the series that one of my favorite villains, Rhino, was included in.

First of all if you have a keen eye then you may notice the figure in the packaging that I lifted off the 'net looks a little different compared to mine. That's because this toy came packaged with spiked armor bits you could put on the figure. I never cared for them so I opted to leave them off. Rhino has a thick rhino hide as-is so why would he need additional armor? Plus just look at this sculpt. This is a beefy 3 3/4" figure and is quite beautiful. Next to the current Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure version of Rhino, this is my favorite.

The designers did a marvelous job at capturing the realism of the rhino hide on this figure. The paint applications really help to bring out the detail all around. The figure is quite poseable too for a beefy, stout figure. His shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles are all articulated.

If you look closely on the back you'll see holes on each side. These are for those aforementioned armor bits.

Overall this is a fantastic action figure of this classic Spidey villain. It can be had for under $10 on the secondary market if you are looking for a loose version. He scales perfectly with the various Marvel Universe (or now called Marvel Legends Universe) figures.

Alongside his fellow villain, the Lizard from the same line

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