Monday, November 14, 2016

Shameless Plug

As I've been tearing apart my toy room / office at home I've found that I just simply don't have space to display everything that I own. I'm not one for packing things away as I'd rather be able to see and enjoy what I own. That said it figured it was just time to let some things go. Time that with the holidays coming up it was the right time to load up my eBay store.

So far I've put some new Transformers, GI Joe and Marvel related items in the store. You'll also find some retro video games, baseball cards and other toys such as Visionaries. I'm not done adding items either, it's just late and I'm feeling a little under the weather at the moment.

Once I'm able to clear some of this clutter I've made for myself, I hope to get back to posting some reviews. I guess the good thing here is I've got lots of the new photos/content to just have to find the time.

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