Sunday, November 8, 2015

Transformers Tiny Titans: Sharkticon

By now many you have probably seen those little blind packaged Transformers PVC figures called Tiny Titans. Part of current iteration of Robots in Disguise, these little figures encompass more than just the RID characters. Generation 1 characters have made a few appearances across the 3 series that have been released to date. One of these characters just happens to be the lovable Sharkticon, Gnaw!

 photo IMG_1961_zpsn4igm8fq.jpg

   photo IMG_1962_zpsg6g7fn8x.jpg

Well he may not have looked this lovable or cute during his G1 days, but that's the charm with him being included under the new RID banner. If you've been following my other blog, the Transformers Bio Card Database, then you'll know these toys also come packaged with a trading card. That is the real draw for me personally. This particular figure is probably one of the best looking in both sculpt and paint apps. A lot of these figures have little no paint apps which are needed since they are molded in one color plastic.

 photo IMG_1965_zpso8kcesgg.jpg

Generations Legends class Starscream just happened to be the nearest TF I had when I snapped these quick shots of Sharkticon. These PVC figures are small, a little smaller than the previous line of PVC figures that Hasbro had (Robot Heroes). These little toys make for a good desk ornament, but that's about it. I've got a few different characters, but I'd rather spend my $2.50 on something a little more exciting.

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