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Transformers Micron Densetsu: Zephyr Blade Micron X-Dimension MM-07

When Hasbro and Takara first introduced the concept of Mini-Cons and the small toys themselves, who knew they would be so popular with fans and yield so many toys and so many variations? In Japan as part of the Micron Densetsu series, the same teams of Mini-Cons released by Hasbro in the Armada series saw release. These Microns teams in Japan also had smaller production runs of variants called X-Dimension teams, as you can see below w/ the Zephyr Blade team.

In the manga fiction, X-Dimension was a universe that was composed of extreme radiation and flames. This was also the home of these teams of X-Dimension Microns.

 photo Microns028_zps47b41c0f.jpg

The Air Defense Team was one of the first Mini-Con teams that I was exposed to and I immediately loved them. 1) They are jets, 2) They have good robot forms and 3) They form the Star Saber! Once I realized that these toys had been given a new color scheme I knew I had to have them. Thankfully at the time I acquired them they weren't that hard to find. If you are looking for them now, well it may be a different story when it comes to their availability and price.

The new red and orange plastic mixed with translucent plastic and white trim makes these toys look fantastic. As you can see they still form a weapon, but instead of the Star Saber, they now form the Pyro Saber.

 photo Microns030_zps094ae264.jpg

The molds themselves haven't been changed, so if you are familiar w/ the Armada versions then you know what you are getting here...which isn't a bad thing. Individually these are some of the best Microns in my opinion, which says something since the while combining element had to be worked in.

 photo Microns031_zps19594501.jpg

 photo Microns032_zps039db8a7.jpg

Mach's alternate form is that of a Concord like airplane. He forms the center of the Pyro Saber. The nice thing about the majority of the plane bits being cast in translucent plastic is it makes it hard to see the connector that hands down on his back. Normally this is easier to see hanging down between his legs and in my opinion detracts from the overlook of the robot.

 photo Microns033_zps1065adf3.jpg

 photo Microns034_zps9f3ffc7a.jpg

Jetter's alternate form is some form of jet. It may be modeled after a real world jet, I don't know. Jetter forms the blade of the Pyro Saber. He has small feet, but you can leave the front part of the jet folded down for an extra "leg" for added stability. I like the robot form, but with the translucent chest it almost looks like his arms, legs and head are just sitting there no attached to anything!

 photo Microns035_zpsc7212425.jpg

 photo Microns036_zps0a989bd2.jpg

Shuttler is perhaps my least favorite of the 3 Microns. His alternate form is a space shuttle. This form has always reminded me of the space craft from G.I. Joe. Shuttler forms the hilt of the Pyro Blade. No matter which version of this particular toy I've held in my hands, his legs always seem floppy. Perhaps this is a side effect of the transformation into the combined Saber form? It's got a great looking robot mode, just needs a little tweaking in the legs.

 photo Microns037_zpsa570bd7c.jpg

Collectively this is one of the best Mini-Con / Micron teams. Individually they are great toys and the combined Saber form is still pretty cool after all these years. The new orange and red color scheme looks fantastic and are probably my favorite variation of this set. Believe or it not but this set has been used several times (Armada, Armada Air Assault, Micron Densetsu, Micron Densetsu X-Dimension, Micron Densetsu Micron Booster, Micron Densetsu CD Single and Micron Densetsu Kabaya Change Micron). At one time I owned every version and they all made for quite the display in their combined Saber forms.

 photo Microns029_zps2d4b6894.jpg

As you can see the Pyro Saber looks fantastic! Sadly I didn't have any of the other teams available for comparison pics. Right around the time I took these pictures I was in the process of packing up and selling 90% of my Mini-Con / Micron collection to TransformerLand. I was tempted to keep this set for my own, but then I'd want to keep the other sets and the whole purpose of selling them was to create some money and free up space. Trying to display tons of Mini-Cons and Microns isn't an easy thing to do! The unified color scheme is great and makes this version stand out over all of the other versions.

This is a fantastic set and one of the better X-Dimension sets if you can find it. I don't know how many were made, but this seems to be one of the harder sets to find. It's absolutely beautiful and sought after by many Mini-Con / Micron collectors. Pick it up if you ever have the opportunity.

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  1. These are some of the few Microns I kept, you're absolutely right they are fantastic.