Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Transformers Adventure: EZ Collection Toys 'R' Us Prime

I've seen a lot of wild Transformers decos in my days of collecting, but I think this one has to be at the top of the list for the craziest idea. Part of a promo in Japan at, you guessed it, Toys 'R Us stores; spending 3,000 yen or more in new Transformers Adventure product in July of 2015 and you got to take this guy home with you for free.

 photo IMG_2139_zpsw9etb4fm.jpg

A redeco of the earlier released Legends figure from Hasbro's Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015), this figure may not be for all collectors. I can get that. However there was just something about this oddly colored figure that called my name.

 photo TRU20Prime_zps1vxxsosi.jpg    photo TRU20Prime202_zps1ynitgxe.jpg

Bundled inside Prime's clear baggie was a folded sheet of instructions and a small card with his colored Autobot symbol. I immediately pulled out my iPhone and launched the Robots in Disguise app so I could scan the Autobot symbol, hoping that I could add Geoffrey Prime to my ranks...but alas it wasn't compatible with the app. Bummer. Who knew these things were region locked?!

 photo IMG_2141_zpsqacldjjg.jpg

 photo IMG_2140_zpssnrrkt9j.jpg

In vehicle mode there isn't much to look at. Prime's iconic red has been replaced with orange. There are bits of red poking through. You can see here that one side is red while the other side is green. These form Prime's shoulders in robot mode and you'll see more of that in a bit. 

 photo IMG_2145_zpsbexbib4p.jpg

Once you get him transformed into robot mode you get a better idea of just why he is called Toys 'R' Us Prime! If the star spotted legs weren't enough to give away the Geoffrey mascot homage, then check out those colored shoulders. Initially I thought the designs on his shoulders were tampographed on, but sadly they are just stickers. Blah.

I'm not sure why I enjoy this deco so much. Perhaps its because it's a fun mold? Or perhaps its just because its weird and straight outta left field? No matter the reason this is one little toy that I was glad to jump on and import before the prices started to climb. I paid about as much as you had to buy in Japan to get him for free, but shortly after I purchased mine it seemed as if the asking price started to rise to $50+ on the secondary market. I don't know how many of these identity crisis Prime figures were made, but I can see how this one may only be fore the hardcore collector.

 photo IMG_2142_zpsxwi4wekl.jpg

What good is a review of a repainted toy without some comparison pictures against the source material? No mold changes, just a new paint design and the addition of the two TRU stickers in robot mode.

 photo IMG_2144_zpsrg7ws6v0.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps7xe29cwi.jpg

 photo IMG_2149_zpshfrkkai6.jpg

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