Tuesday, September 29, 2015

KO Korner: Metamorphs Jack SL-SS01A (Transformers G1 Action Master Rad)

I had such a great response from my last Transformers G1 KO review (thanks to Maz for all his Tweets!) that I couldn't wait to share the next piece from my personal collection. However due to other projects going on in the background it'll take me a little longer than I would like to get the photo shoot ready and completed. However while digging through the 1.5K pictures I already have just waiting to be edited, I ran across another G1 KO to share. Not quite as exciting as some of the others I own, but nonetheless worth sharing.

 photo IMG_1406_zps1bce6760.jpg

Ah, Action Masters. The Transformers that don't transform! I know these toys created a lot of division within the TF fandom, but I always liked them. While I never owned any as a kid in the 80's, I guess I can appreciate them as I've always been a fan of 3 3/4" action figures like G.I. Joe. Not saying that Action Masters are my favorite G1 TFs, I don't loathe them like some fans do.

I've seen these KO Action Masters before on eBay before I started to collect G1 KOs, but of course when I was ready to make the purchase it took me awhile to track one down. The thing about a lot of these KOs is they are almost always found overseas, particularly in Italy or Australia. This means I pay more for shipping than what I pay for the actual toy at times!

 photo IMG_1408_zpsd22068f1.jpg
You may recall the original Hasbro G1 Action Masters figures came packaged on blister cards, so I find this box packaging to be a little appealing. Unlike many packaged G1 KOs I own, this box doesn't really borrow any aspects from the original packaging, opting to go with dare I say an original design?

 photo IMG_1410_zpsabf7ea39.jpg     photo IMG_1409_zpscf3e5749.jpg

Now you may be wondering what Jazz is doing on one end of the box Jack comes packaged in. It appears the same style box was used for that release as well and perhaps Jack and Boa were released at the same time?

 photo IMG_1407_zpsde4fa5c3.jpg

One top of the box you can also see the shared packaging design with Boa's turbo skate board. Hopefully one day I can track down this other Metamorph Action Master release.

 photo IMG_1411_zpse0c7eff4.jpg

Inside the box you'll find a very then and flimsy plastic tray housing the figure, it's Targetmaster like sidekick and his weapon. No sticker sheet or instructions were inside and my specimen was sealed when I purchased it.

 photo IMG_1412_zps7ab03252.jpg

I always did like Rad's sculpting and his partner, Lionizer was in my opinion one of the better Targetmaster like partners for the Action Masters. Rad, er, Jack traded his red for orange. To me he looks like he should hiding inside Groundbreaker's Pretender shell with these new colors. His unnamed partner wasn't changed much from his G1 predecessor.

 photo IMG_1413_zps03f3e715.jpg      photo IMG_1414_zps82e9dae1.jpg

 photo IMG_1415_zps18b4a5d2.jpg

 photo IMG_1416_zps448748d7.jpg

I should mention that the spring has been removed from "Lionizer" so now when you disengage the animal head it just drops. However when you put him in Targetmaster mode he does clip together and hold his gun form just fine. By the way, Rad's gun is the same as Jack's, just a shade darker.

 photo IMG_1417_zpsbec12783.jpg

Orange or red, what's your favorite color? Looking over both figures in hand I really can't find any changes to the mold itself, however as you can see the KO figure is slightly shorter. The quality of the plastic used for this KO release is actually quite nice. It seems to have a glossy shine that the original doesn't have, but it doesn't feel cheap and the joints are tight...then again I purchased it sealed.

G1 KOs aren't for everyone, as Action Masters aren't "real" Transformers for a lot of fans. However I found this release to be have some charm, got it for cheap and looks good alongside my other G1 KO Autobots.

 photo IMG_1418_zps5f8f7f4e.jpg


  1. I love Action Masters! They were the first instance of some of these characters I ever got, like Snarl or Wheeljack.

    I think I actually prefer the colors on th KO to Rad's original colors.