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Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015): Thunderhoof (One Step)

I've you've been following the new Robots in Disguise toy line by Hasbro then you know the Decepticons are really getting the short end of the stick. The Decepticon releases have been far a few between. Steeljaw is the only one to get a proper Warrior class release while the others have been regulated to Legion class, Titan class or to the One Step class.

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Now I wasn't going to mess with any of the 1 Step figures (outside of maybe Fixit) as I didn't care for the simplified nature of the toy, however the more and more I've watched of the new RID show the more I wanted more Decepticons! Dang it Hasbro, where are the other Warrior class Decepticons?! Well when I saw a lone Thunderhoof hanging on the pegs at my local Walmart back in June I caved and picked him up. There is just something about his design that captivated me from the beginning and I got tired of waiting.

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Right out of the package and you can tell that you're not getting a whole lot with these One Step figures. The design is very basic, as are the paint apps. However the toy feels some what solid and rolls fine on it's 4 free rolling wheels.

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In true one step fashion, to transform Thunderhoof to robot mode you simply lift the front end of the vehicle and flip it around to the other end, locking it into place. By doing so you reveal the robot head and the arms and legs spaced out.

In robot mode there isn't any articulation to be had. These are like miniature bricks...however that isn't to say that a young child wouldn't have fun with these. My 4 year old daughter played with Thunderhoof for a few minutes and seemed to enjoy it better than some of the newer Rescue Bots toys she has.

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I like everything about this character. His name, design, his television's just a shame there isn't a better figure of him at retail thus far. I know a Legion class figure is coming as well as one of the larger 3 step changer figures coming this fall. I'm still holding out hope that Hasbro (or Takara Tomy) will give us fans a Warrior class figure before the Robots In Disguise series ends.

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