Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beast Saga: Mantarei BS-37

I found most of the water based Beast Saga figures to be some of the better sculpted figures, and Mantarei is no exception. In fact when I saw the solicitation images of him I couldn't wait to add him to my growing collection.

 photo 100_5262_zpse2d7267b.jpg

Manterei has this very sleek, evil look to him. Well I think he looks evil as most of the I see Manta Rays used in animation they are the bad guys (think Tigersharks). Then again Depth Charge in Beast Wars was a Maximal. Regardless of Mantarei's actions, this is one sweet figure.

 photo 100_5266_zps56101376.jpg

 photo 100_5264_zps42355967.jpg

I love everything about this figure. From the animal sculpt to the blue armor. The harness on his head is fantastic looking and gives the appearance that he has built in lights for those battles deep on the ocean floor. Like with most of the Beast Saga figures, the sculpting from top to bottom is great. I challenge you to find anything negative with this figure...outside the weapons. Mantarei gets shafted in the weapons department and is handed down the drill tipped spear type weapon and generic round shield.

 photo 100_5263_zps2ba38f81.jpg

Mantarei makes a great addition to the Kingdom of Death Sea team. He's got that sinister, evil look going for him. Plus it's a Manta Ray humanoid creature wearing a suit of battle armor wielding weapons. Really, what more can you want?