Thursday, April 3, 2014

Transformers Energon: Optimus Prime transforming ink pen

It wasn't often that I received Transformers for Christmas.  Granted I did get some pretty sweet G1 toys back in the day on that glorious morning every kid dreams about, as an adult it's been a different story.  Even today my mother still asks me for a Christmas list.  Every year I put TFs with weblinks of where they can be purchased, but it's very rare I end up with any of them.

Back when Beast Machines was in full swing, that Christmas I received a new BM Primal Prime and a box of Takara's S.F.C. figures.  In my stocking was the usual candy and small stuff - including a transforming Energon Optimus Prime ink pen!

Energon Optimus Pen photo 100_5057_zps86659c1c.jpg

Energon Optimus Pen photo 100_5056_zps0d06387d.jpg

I'll be the first to admit I wasn't a huge fan of the Energon toy line or TV series.  That doesn't mean I didn't appreciate this gift from my mother.  The pen when transformed into truck mode has a rather faithful version of the deluxe/voyager toy, albeit scaled down to the size of a modern basic/scout figure.

Paint apps are limited, but mostly applied pretty good.  All 6 wheels are free rolling and the transforming does share some similarities with the larger versions.  In fact other than the pen's tip being on the back end of the truck, you can't really tell this is an ink pen.

Energon Optimus Pen photo 100_5058_zpsee77a161.jpg

Due to the nature of the figure also doubling as a functioning ink pen some sacrifices were made to the robot mode.  Other than the head not lifting high enough and the slender legs, it looks pretty much like Energon Optimus Prime.  The arms are articulated at the shoulder and elbows.  There aren't any real feet so I had to prop him up against the back wall.

Energon Optimus Pen photo 100_5060_zps61ec55e7.jpg

Optimus even retains his larger combined helmet and Spark of Combination features!  I don't recall who made this toy/pen hybrid, but they did a pretty good job.  If nothing else it makes a nice oddity for any Transformers collection.


  1. This is quite unique indeed.

  2. interesting, never seen this before

  3. My nephew had one of these! I...I broke it.

  4. How can I get one? Cdog Cdog is my YouTube if anyone knows how just message me on my newest video review & I'll be sure to see it. Thanks guys