Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Marvel Comics Review: New Warriors #2 (2014)

Marvel still has me pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming every time I see images from the newest issue of New Warriors.  I'm thrilled Marvel decided to give my favorite super hero team another chance, but I'm still in a state of disbelief!

Issue #1 was pretty good.  Writer, Christopher Yost, did a good job setting the stage of the first story arc yet while introducing readers to the characters that will eventually come together to form this iteration of the New Warriors team.

The first book ended with the Atlantean Watersnake standing in the shallow waters of a beach somewhere in Mexico.  Kaine, aka the Scarlet Spider greet the Atlantean with fists a blazing.  It wasn't until Hummingbird uses her powers to instill fear into Watersnake that the two cease fighting and we learn of her appearance.

Before we get to Watersnake, the book opens in the subway of New York City.  A unknown, unnamed Inhuman is riding the subway.  It appears the driver of the subway slams on the breaks after seeing some commotion down the tunnel.  That is when we see Selah, aka Sun Girl trying to fend off 3 assailants from harming some Mutants.  I'm not that vested in the mutant community, but I believe the mutants being attacked are Morlocks.

Switching back to New Salem, Colorado, the same assailants attacking the mutants in NY are also going after Justice and Vertigo, a magic user and resident of New Salem.  The "bad guys" as Justice refers to them end up taking a DNA sample of Vertigo's friend, Brutacus.  After that they vanish before Speedball can assist his teammate.

Looking for answers, Justice and Speedball pay a quick visit to Jarvis at the Avengers Tower in NY.  There they learn from the Avengers database that their assailants are the Evolutionaries.  Cyclops was on record of saying the Evolutionaries should be labeled as an extinction level threat.  Before leaving Avengers Tower, Justice and Speedball intercept a report of an explosion in the 7th avenue subway terminal.

Back to the subways, the unnamed Inhuman "sacrifices" himself by jumping into the line of fire as one of the Evolutionaries tries to eliminate Sun Girl, only for the Inhuman to absorb the energy blast. At the same moment Justice and Speedball arrive and the Evolutionaries once again disappear.

The issue finishes up w/ Sam Alexander, aka Nova, being trapped in a energy field of some sorts.  He is greeted by the High Evolutionary and proceeds to tell Sam that himself and Sam are the only ones that can save Earth from Judgment.  Turns out the Celestials are returning!

I can appreciate Yost taking the time to set the stage which should bring all of these characters together to combat a familiar foe, but I can understand how some people may find the 2nd issue a little blah.  Speedball has been the driving force to rebuild the Warriors team so it ought to be fun seeing all of the characters come together and how they interact with one another.  We still don't know much about this new Inhuman character introduced in the series, but I'm thinking that will change really quick with the next issue.

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