Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marvel Comics Review: New Warriors #3 (2014)

I've enjoyed the Marvel Now! re-launch of the New Warriors thus far.  It's hard to call it a team book as the cast hasn't completely come together yet, but with the third issue things are starting to fall into place.

Writer Christoper Yost is still trying to set the stage with not only explaining who the characters involved are, but setting up the first story arc as well.  I read some complaints that there wasn't enough action in the first two issues or that the story was dragging, but in typical Marvel fashion there is a great story unfolding.

Issue #2 concluded with Sam Alexander (Nova) being captured by the High Evolutionary.  Sam is told the Celestials are returning to Earth to pass judgement (and a little execution more than likely).  Issue three opens up with "flashback" story explaining who the Celestials are and how mankind's evolution has been tainted.  Radiation infused super powers, mutantkind, Inhumans, Atlanteans, clones, magic, alien...these were never meant to be uttered the High Evolutionary.

Scarlet Spider, Hummingbird and Water Snake did not defeat their foes when attacked on the beaches of
Mexico.  Instead they are captured and brought back to the High Evolutionary's base of operations.  Meanwhile back in New York City, the Police have cornered Justice, Speedball, Sun Girl and the Inhuman we only know as Mark.  Frightened by the recent events involving the Inhumans, the police pull the trigger and shoot at Mark!  Justice wisks away everyone just in time.

I should point out that Justice addresses the police that is a member of the Avengers, while Speedball standing in the background murmurs 'Warrior'.  It appears he is a bit frustrated with Justice over not fully adopting the Warriors name.

Standing on top of a building in New York, the four of them start an argument over Mark and what to do next.  Justice is taken by surprise when Sun Girl, who was walking away in disgust of Justice's attitude, quickly turns away and shoots a blast of energy directly at Mark.

You can already see that this team of New Warriors isn't exactly going to come together like the original team.  On the flipside, our other characters awaken to only find themselves in energy bubbles...or something like that.  Hummingbird catches Sam up to speed as to who everyone is.  Sam repeatedly refers to the Scarlet Spider as Spider-Man on many occasions.  It's funny to see how this obviously irritates Kaine, only later to see Kaine acknowledge when he fails to ward of the High Evolutionary's minions that if he were indeed Spider-Man he would have not failed.

Kaine sends Nova off for help, only for Sam to return to the battle and save the Scarlet Spider from sure extermination.  While it was good to see Nova join in on the fight, I can't help to notice how underpowered he seemed against his foes.  As a regular reader of Nova's solo series I've seem him tear loose and be very powerful.  He even held his own briefly against Beta Ray Bill and Stormbreaker!

We get to see some good battle action with the Scarlet Spider and Water Snake.  Marcus To's pencils are really nice, but I can't help to notice some slight similarities to the original Warriors penciler; Mark Bagley.  Another nice reference to the original Warriors team comes from Water Snake as she too becomes overwhelmed in combat.  Right before it appears she is captured, she says "I have failed you, Kymaera...".  I know this isn't the 1990's New Warriors, but I love it when writers and pencilers toss in stuff like that.  The is the Marvel Universe after all and if Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and TV's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have come to shown us, everything is connected.

The creative team I feel is doing a good job as I am left with that feeling of wanting more at the end of each issue.  The pacing is picking up and it appears these unlikely teammates will be forced into working together as a team if they are to ward off the impending Celestial encounter.

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