Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima: Crawley's Claw Ripper #70001

Crawley's Claw Ripper is a good introduction set to LEGO's newest theme, Legends of Chima.  At 139 total pieces and 2 mini-figures and just under $20, it's a fun set.

I was excited about this series when it first launched, and although my interest has waned a bit, I look back on this set and remember how fun it was to build and to play around with.

Starting with Crawley himself, LEGO has done a fantastic job with these mini-figures.  I love the new sculpted alligator "helmet" for the figures.  I should also mention that there are two different sets of eyes on the head.  You can display Crawley with his more sinister eyes as such in the photo, or turn the head around for a larger, more frightened set of eyes!

Leonidas comes in this set too as the lion kingdom appears to be the main rivals of the alligators (or is it crocodiles?).  Unlike Crawley, Leonidas comes with a cool sword weapon for him to wield.  As with Crawley, he too has a new sculpted lion "helmet" and two different sets of eyes/face on the head.

One of the neat things about most of these Chima sets are that the vehicles are modeled after their animal pilots.  In this case the Claw Ripper looks like a alligator of sorts.  You have two large free rolling wheels in the rear of the vehicle along w/ rubber treads that move the front set of smaller wheels.

When pushed forward, the rubber treads roll and spin the triangular claws on each side.  The front "mouth" of the vehicle also opens and closes displaying large teeth.  Also note the flat red bricks used inside the mouth for the tongue...nice touch!

Located in the rear of the Claw Ripper is a small red storage compartment that hides the stolen Chima crystal.  Perhaps this is why Leonidas is packaged in this set...Crawley just looted this crystal from the lion kingdom!

What's for dinner?  Why, lion of course!

This is a fun and inexpensive set.  If you've been on the fence or just want to build a new LEGO set, then I highly recommend picking up this set.  There may be better and bigger Chima sets out there on store shelves now, but this little set packs a lot of punch.

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