Saturday, July 6, 2013

Transformers and Carolina Camera

Last year, January 2012 to be exact, a local news program called Carolina Camera featured me and my Transformers collections as part of their program.  The local television station used to have a link to the video on their website, but after several months the link became invalid.  I tried uploading the video to YouTube from the DVD they gave me of the episode, but after taking the disc around to show family and friends I ended up misplacing it.

Fast forward to June 2013 and I finally found the disc!  After doing some research I found a program that allowed me to rip just the 7 minutes of my footage.  Before you watch the video let me say a few things about the filming process.  My toy room is a decent size, but with a sofa, large computer desk and the sheer amount of "stuff" in the room it does become a little crowded.  Throw in a reporter, a camera man with a big tripod and those light umbrellas and there was literally no where to move!

I was really nervous about how I would come off in the video.  I was also nervous at how I would be portrayed by the interviewer.  She asked me a TON of questions, but most of them were general questions like why do I collect, how long have I collected and do I ever plan on stopping.  Not all the questions made it into the final cut, but overall I was very satisfied with the outcome.  Personally I thought they took the high road and didn't make a bald guy who collects children's toys look like a social outcast.  Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think of the interview.

Since the video aired I've reworked almost all of the shelves.  It's funny that the camera man kept zooming in on a lot of the Animated toys since I no longer have 95% of those.  I look back at the video and think at how much of a small fry I am compared to other collections I see on YouTube, but for the viewers of the Carolina Camera show I'm sure they hadn't seen anything like it before.


  1. I don't know why you feel like a small fry, that collection is ginormous! Congrats on the exposure!