Thursday, July 18, 2013

I did it again! + a cheap Charticon 2013 plug

Alright, two months in a row now I've exceeded the free 10 GB of bandwidth Photobucket gives me.  I've thought about letting Blogger host all my pics, but I'm paranoid.  I like being able to take the HTML code Photobucket gives me for each picture and embedding it into Blogger.  For me it's easier to place the pictures where I want them in the body of the post.  Plus I don't have any photo editing software so I use Photobucket for that as well.

Since I have too much fun working on this blog and since so many people keep visiting it (thus going over my bandwidth limits) I'm going to have to figure some out...and soon!  Everything should reset in about 13 days...but I'm not planning on waiting that long before I act.

Sorry this has happened again everyone.  I truly never expected that this humble blog would receive so many hits.  Just please bear with me as I work on getting everything back up and running.  In the meantime let me take a second to brag about how awesome Charticon 2013 is going to be!

The Charticon committee wrapped up another meeting last night and even I was surprised about some of the cool news that will debut at the convention.  Of course I can't say anything now otherwise Arkvander will hunt me down like the Decepticon I am, but I think plenty of TF fans and collectors will stand a cheer.  Of course being part of this convention since it's very early stages I've been very excited, but now I'm so giddy!  I'm counting the days down until August 9th.  That also means I have to hurry as my time is quickly dwindling down for my responsibilities.  I still have to put the finishing touches on my fan panel I'm hosting Sunday, try to round up a few more charity auction donations for Saturday night's event as well as price all the TF goodies and other toys I'll be selling in the dealer room...or I should say my wife will be selling.  Oh yes, Charticon 2013 will be one for the ages!


  1. Photoshop CS2 is free from Adobe now, so you can always download it from their site. I've started hosting my pics for the blog straight from blogger and I haven't had any problems so far. I made the switch when I discovered that I was almost 60% full with my photobucket account. I certainly haven't exceeded the bandwidth limit...

  2. I've been using Picasa, and was just thinking about switching back to Photobucket. Not sure that I will after seeing how much trouble they're giving you. Of course, I doubt that I get half the traffic you do, so I probably wouldn't have that problem.

    1. I may pony up the $30 to Photobucket for the unlimited storage and bandwidth, otherwise all my hard work will be constantly temporarily disappear at some point each month. Don't care to be in this back and forth cycle.