Friday, February 22, 2013

Transformers G1: Skywave C-340

Skyhyper photo January25001.jpg

While digging around in my closet the other day I ran across a few Transformers that I forgot that I had.  Yes, I have so many freakin' toys it's hard to keep up with them all!

Skyhyper photo January25002.jpg

Most long time G1 Transformers fans will recognize this toy by his American name, Flattop, one of the Decepticon Micromaster Transports.  However in Japan he is known as Skywave.  Like most of the Micromaster toys released in Japan during Zone, he is a Cybertron (Autobot).

Skyhyper photo January25003.jpg

The packaging is awesome, but where it really shines for me is on the back of the box.  Instead of having an elaborate battle scene featuring gorgeous artwork as in past series', we are treated with an awesome "Autobot city" of actual Micromaster toys.  I love how Takara even worked in Metroplex into the scene.  I've always dreamed of taking my Micromaster toys and doing something similar.  Perhaps one day I'll get up off my duff and actually make my own huge Micromaster city.

Skyhyper photo January25007.jpg

When it comes to the toy, Skywave is identical to the U.S. release of Flattop.  Since my Skywave specimen is still sealed, I'll use Flattop to get a closer look at the toy.

Skyhyper photo January25006.jpg

Just for clarification, Skywave/Flattop is the small Micromaster jet and not the aircraft carrier.  I've always thought this was one of the best Micromaster transports out there, even if the scale is a little off.

Skyhyper photo January25009.jpg

Skywave/Flattop transforms from a very awesome little jet into a robot.  Unlike a lot of Micromaster jets, the rear tail fins of the jet don't form the robot's feet.  This means the robot can stand up without much assistance.  The robot arms double as the jet's missiles, but he has defined fists and the arms can rotate a full 360 degrees.  This is easily one of my favorite Micromaster toys.

Skyhyper photo January25008.jpg

Skywave/Flattop's transport goes from an aircraft carrier to a jet.  Where have I have seen this before?  Oh, that's right - the Autobot Triple Changer Broadside.  Transformation is quite easy.  Flip the carrier over and spread the landing deck to form the jet's wings.  Flip out the back tail section and remove the cannons.  Snap the cannons onto the wings and flip up the black handle bar.  Ta-dah!

Skyhyper photo January25010.jpg

There is a small peg in the jet's "cockpit" that allows the Micromaster figure to snap into place.  Now why would a Transformer that has a jet as it's alt mode need a jet transport is beyond my comprehension, but it's still a fun toy.

Seeing how Skywave and Flattop are exactly the same toy, I can't recommend that you go out and hunt down Skywave.  I bought Skywave a very long time ago when prices on vintage TFs were uber cheap.  If my entry is correct then I only paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $20.  Man I miss those days!

Skyhyper photo January25004.jpg

Skyhyper photo January25005.jpg


  1. Very nice! I like.
    I do think that these series of MM bases had very weird shape boxes...

    1. That big plastic window I'm afraid may get more brittle with age ):

    2. the curved portion is what worries me!

  2. It may seem odd to see an oversized jet covering almost half the area on an aircraft carrier, but still a nice (and interesting) collection.