Saturday, February 23, 2013

Maz interviews the guy behind the blog

January of 2012 I was interviewed by a local news station solely because I had a large Transformers collection.  While that was a great experience and I love how the interview turned out, I was still being interviewed by people that don't collect.  The interview was part of a television show that would reach people that also don't collect.  While I did get some positive feedback, it mostly went unnoticed...or so it seems.

Flash forward to a few months ago and I was approached by Maz.  He writes for TFSource's blog and among the many topics he writes about, collector's get the spotlight once a month.  He also has an excellent TF site of his own called TF-1.  I was honored (and surprised) that someone of my meager status would be selected.  I proceeded to answer his questions and submitted a few pictures to him upon his request.  To be completely honest I forgot about the interview as I've been so busy with the holidays, work, family and of course working on content for this blog.  Just in the last few days did Maz contact me again letting me know the interview was almost done and ready to be posted.

How did it turn out you may ask?  Well, why not read it HERE for yourself!


  1. Very nice.
    I owe Maz an interview since August last year... =(
    My wife owes him one too... haha

    1. Just read the interview. Heh, very good reading and like it that you have 2 little ones to corrupt!
      And that you are eyeing the C-200..... =)

  2. Very awesome interview! Congratulations! Does Heroic need to install extra security?