Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LEGO Mini Figure Collection cheat sheets

If you are like me and you only want a few of the figures from the various Mini
Figure Collections then you were probably let down when series 3 came out without those bar codes that identified which figure was inside the packaging.  While searching the 'net today I found a cheat sheet for both series 3 and series 4.  Gone are the bar codes - replaced w/ raised bumps.  Just flip over the package and look for the very small raised bumps across the bottom of the package.  They can be hard to see, but they are there!

Series 3:

Series 4:


  1. The cheat sheets work! I finally got the baseball player and the mummy figures that I wanted from series 3!

  2. Man... I just found your new blog today... can't believe I've been missing all of these great posts.

    Anyways... I totally need to grab the Kimono Girl for my girlfriend... and pickup the Samurai & Sumo Wrestler for myself. Thanks for the cheat codes... I'll have to hunt these down.