Saturday, April 27, 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima: Winzar's Pack Patrol #30251

It's been awhile since I've done a LEGO set, so let's take a quick look at one of the many poly bag sets available for the Legend of Chima theme.

The best part of the poly bag sets are they are affordable and best of all you get a mini figure.  Sometimes these figures are unique and exclusive to that set while other times it's just a cheaper way of getting that figure that also comes packed in with a larger, more expensive set.

Winzar's Pack Patrol #30251 photo 034_zpsc3f47c81.jpg

I love the new Legends of Chima theme and the wolves in particular are one of my favorite animal kingdoms in the series.  Winzar in particular looks pretty fierce with the claw marks across his face.  Set #30251 is Winzar's Pack Patrol...a small sled type vehicle.  From the image on the front of the packaging it appears the sled is transitioning from water to land so perhaps it's more of a hovercraft than a sled.  Who cares, its a fun little build.  38 pieces total.

Winzar's Pack Patrol #30251 photo 035_zpsb6e40e12.jpg

Winzar's Pack Patrol #30251 photo 036_zps7feae92c.jpg

At only 38 pieces I'm surprised how much detail the designer crammed in.  The front suspension bar is actually a large bone!  I don't think I've seen such a large LEGO bone piece before so this was a nice surprise in terms of piece variety.  The front ski pieces are the same ones that traditionally come in the City sets for water skiing or snow skiing.  The back skis however are blade like pieces lending to the idea of this craft being a sled.  There are two small round red translucent pieces that double as thrusters.  The craft itself is of course powered by Chi.  The set does come with a Chi crystal, but there isn't anywhere to store the piece so I forgot to include it in the pictures.  One of the neatest designs is the front nose.  Yes, it looks like a canine's snout...well kinda.  The clever use of the black triangular piece does give the resemblance of a wolf's nose in this case.

The Winzar minifigure is the same one that is included in Wakz' Pack Tracker and he's also available in one of those Speedorz sets.  Winzar does not come with any additional accessories.

This set can be had for less than $5 in most cases.  I believe the poly bag sets retail for $3.99 unless you are shopping at Toys R Us.  I've built two of the Chima poly bags thus far and they all have been worth the purchase.

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