Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DiaRobo: Rexporter DR-0005

DR-0005 photo Dec15088.jpg

I can't get enough of these DiaRobo toys.  This Toyota Hiace van may look familiar if you frequent this blog.  Awhile back I reviewed Medicalrex DR-0003.  Agatsuma, like many toy companies, tries to get their most from each mold so there are several different characters that share the same base mold.  Rexporter loses Medicalrex's light bars on top and trades a bright deco for a darker deco, but essentially is the same toy.  Being an awesome t-rex however I'm sure I'm not the only one that didn't care.  I will point out that new CGI art was used on the front of the packaging.

DR-0005 photo Dec15094.jpg

DR-0005 photo Dec15093.jpg

DR-0005 photo Dec15095.jpg   DR-0005 photo Dec15096.jpg

The metallic silver and black mesh very well together.  Add in the unpainted wheels and the lack of the light bar and you have a very different looking van.  Since I purchased this toy I've added many more DiaRobo releases, but this still is one of my favorite vehicles thus far.  The checkered design on the side of the van looks like a dragon of sorts to me.  Somewhat fitting considering Rexporter's alt mode.

DR-0005 photo Dec15100.jpg

DR-0005 photo Dec15099.jpg

The packaging shows the r-tex is a more squat position with his tail sticking straight up in the air.  I prefer posing the figure in a more traditional dinosaur upright pose.  The figure is articulated enough that you can pose the figure in whatever way you want.

DR-0005 photo Dec15101.jpg

You really can't go wrong with this mold no matter which of the 3 you choose.  Yes, I said 3.  There is also a red fire truck themed van as well.  I initially didn't order it because I wanted to make sure I liked Medicalrex, but of course I couldn't say no so I've got him coming from overseas.


  1. Awesome! I check that site you told me to for these but they were all sold out last I check which was a bummer but I will get some of these eventually. : )

    1. Even though the listings say Sold Out, if you place an order they should get them back in stock to fill your order fairly quickly. The last time I ordered some the same thing happened, but before I knew it my order had been shipped!

  2. Great review! These toys seem odd, yet very interesting. Considering the prices these toys go for online, I'll probably buy one too.