Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DiaRobo: Dustral DR-0011


It's time we got back to looking at some transforming robots!  Last year when I discovered the DiaRobo line of toys from Japan I instantly fell in love.  Even though I've only previously reviewed one toy, I've bought just about every single release.

These Hot Wheels sized toys started off simple, but then expanded to transformations other than just robots.  With the newest wave from the land of the Rising Sun there are 3 different Toyota Dyna vehicles.  Agatsuma has done a good job of taking one model and re-shelling it to make different vehicles and giving the alt mode a new head to really differentiate them from one another.



From what I can tell, DR-0011's name is Dustral and he is modeled after a real life Toyota Dyna vehicle - a garbage truck in this case.  While I'm not familiar with this model of Toyota, it looks authentic and really nice.

January2013012   January2013014

I like licensed toys such as these.  Due to licensing and fees it doesn't seem that Americans get this sort of detail anymore.  The back of the garbage truck is a separate piece of molded plastic.  It's a rather light feeling plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap.  The back end is basically hollow as it's needed for the transformation.


Here is a quick comparison with DR-0013 Diart.  Same truck - just with a different back end.  Diart will eventually get his own post.  Let's take a look at Dustral's robot mode next.


While I really like the vehicle mode, the robot mode just doesn't do anything for me.  First off just look at him.  His proportions are way off.  I even double checked the instruction sheet to make sure I folded the legs the proper way.  Short stubby arms, long legs...yeah, no thank you.  At least he's got a nice looking head sculpt.

Articulation isn't as good as Roidcop's, but it's not horrible.  The limbs are all attached via ball and socket joints.  This gives free range of motion, but don't expect any dynamic poses here.


If the robot's proportions weren't enough to turn you off just take a look of the robot from the side.  Talk about backpack kibble!  I don't mind the cab top flipping back, but the garbage portion just hangs there.  I thought from looking at the seam in the plastic across the top this piece would split into two...but nope.  This piece does sit on a swivel joint so you could flip it upside down or even possibly remove it all together.  At least the feet have heels so the figure can stand up on his own despite the huge backpack.

**UPDATE**  It's been pointed out that the official transformation of the "backpack" looks something like this.  I knew I didn't do it right, but I didn't realize from the instructions that the cab's top hides up underneath the back of the garbage truck.  Now I'm starting to like this guy even more!

Dustral isn't my favorite release and neither are the re-shells, but since they only cost a few bucks each I figured why not.  I might as well go completionist on this line!  Great vehicle, horrible robot.  Only recommended if you like transforming garbage trucks or just want to own all the DiaRobo toys.


  1. Hey Flywheels! Have been enjoying your posts for sometime now -- including your one on the Police DiaRobo from a while ago.

    What about this as the alternate Transformation for the Garbage-Truck bots? I don't own any of these guys (yet), but I thought this was the standard transformation, no?

    1. Thank you for the link! I made an adjustment to the post. Now I'll need to re-shoot the box truck before I can get it posted!