Monday, May 8, 2023

Matchbox Working Rigs: 2023 Collection, 01/16 - MBX Excavator (National Parks)

MBX Excavator (National Parks)

This is the first of the Working Rigs series that I've purchased. I've often looked at vehicles in this series and thought they looked great, just have never had the urge to pull the plug until I saw this excavator. Being part of the National Parks theme, I decided to grab it for the collection. 

The chassis is made of die-cast, while the rest of the construction vehicle is cast in plastic. Take a cue from the series name, the shovel has working pistons that allow it to operate. The top half swivels a full 360 degrees as well, something I wasn't necessarily expecting. The treads are working as well and are rubber. Overall this construction vehicle surpassed my expectations. Eventually I'll get all of the National Parks vehicles together for a photo shoot.

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