Monday, June 21, 2021

Matchbox Monday: 2020 074/100 International WorkStar Brushfire Truck

From the 2020 series, the International WorkStar Brushfire Truck is part of the MBX Mountain subseries.

This casting originated in 2010, but in 2014 the metal body and plastic chassis was replaced with a plastic body and metal chassis...assumingly to help cut costs. While I like die-cast metal vehicles, sometimes the change to plastic has it's benefits. In this case I find the body to be more detailed. The metal chassis still gives the truck some of the much needed heft.

The body is made using two different pieces - gray for the lower half and red for the upper half. All of the paint apps have been applied to the sides, including Los Angeles emblems on the door. While this look good, it does take away from the opportunity for the addition of much needed paint apps on the front grill. The plain gray grill looks very drab, but I understand the limitations on a $1 mold. The windshield and the light bar are cast in a light translucent blue and looks good against the red. The wheels feature a red chrome against the large off road tires.

I think I still prefer a more traditional fire truck, but the kid in me would love the larger, chunkier version like this one. This is the first time this mold has been used since it was featured in a 5 pack in 2018 and the 11th release overall.


  1. Great looking truck. Lots of detail. Pretty cool that actually used a city's name on it. Don't think I've seen that done before. Then again... I'm not exactly a diecast expert.

  2. I love fire trucks so these always catch my eye in the store. I agree with your thoughts on the mold. I do think as a kid I'd like this one but I'm still partial to the old Fire Eater which I still have a few of. Good post and review. Thanks.