Monday, April 19, 2021

Matchbox Monday: 2020 #061/100 1971 MGB GT Coupe

From the 2020 series, 1971 MGB GT Coupe is part of the MBX Countryside subseries.

Not growing up being a "car guy", I would learn about the MGB GT Coupe from my late father who bought a dark green convertible model shortly before he would pass. This was always one of his dream cars...something I had a hard time fathoming as he once owned three different Corvettes in the early 60's. My dad passed away shortly after I graduated High School to cancer, but before he passed he finally acquired a MGB. I can still remember him driving home in the winter with the top down, my mom and I following behind him. We both thought he was crazy as it was still cold outside, but we knew he was having a moment where he was happy and cancer was probably the furthest thing on his mind. While I didn't get to enjoy the car as much as he would have liked due to his cancer, Corvettes and MGBs have become a collectible for me that I grab in memory of my dad. 

This is the 1st use of this mold.

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  1. Glad Matchbox made a MGB for your collection. My father never had any cool like a Corvette or MGB GT Coupe, but if they ever make a 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S hatchback... I'd be all over it. He loved that car.