Saturday, November 30, 2019

VeggieTales Series 1 Blind Bag: LarryBoy

This may be one of the more "from left field" type of posts that I've ever posted. Earlier this year while hanging at the beach with my brothers we made a trip to the local Ollie's discount store while staying in Myrtle Beach, SC. As we were in the line to checkout, I noticed on the shelves by a nearby register a box of little blind bags. I couldn't tell exactly what they were from where I was standing, so I hand my brother hold my space in line so I could check them out.

Low and behold they were collectible mini figures of the children's CG animated show, VeggieTales. If you aren't familiar with VeggieTales, they are, well, vegetables that that tell all sorts of stories...mostly with a Biblical flavor. 

I flipped over a package and I saw that there were 6 different randomly packaged characters, one of which was the "super hero" LarryBoy. I then noticed that each bag had a small hole so if you looked closely enough you could figure out which character was in the bag. Being that 4 of the 6 characters were green, you did have to feel the bag a little to determine Larry from Junior Asparagus, etc...but finding LarryBoy didn't prove to be too difficult.

These little vinyl figures measure anywhere between one to two inches tall. I was surprised at how nicely sculpted the figure was. The paint applications are pretty good too. Sometimes on these cheap little blind packaged toys the quality can leave a lot to be desired.

The LarryBoy character is especially goofy, which is why I sought him out in the box, however now that I have him I have no idea what to do with him! None the less, this is a quirky, but fun little purchase and well worth the $.79 I paid.

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  1. Cool figures. For 79 cents you can't go wrong. Watched quite a bit of these shows when my girls were little. Didn't really connect with them but I did see lately that there is a new faith based streaming service for Christian families with kids that will launch with the entire Veggietales library.