Friday, November 15, 2019

Loyal Subjects Transformers Action Vinyls (Wave 3): Rumble

During the height of blind packaged collectible popularity, a small company called Loyal Subjects  acquired the licenses for several popular 80's brands. One of these was of course Transformers. When these were initially launched I grabbed one out of curiosity and I just wasn't that pleased. I watched from a distance and saw that their build, style and quality seemed to improve. First with the GI Joe brand, then others. When I was ready to give them another chance, I couldn't find them at local retail anywhere! 

Fast forward to a few months ago where I found a few boxes from the 3rd wave at a Five Below discount store. I believe they were priced at $4 each. Unfortunately several of the boxes had been opened and the foil bag inside punctured to reveal the toy inside...or the boxes were outright empty. I found 2 boxes that were still firmly intact so I grabbed those.


Wave 3 features 10 more Generation 1 Transformers: Bonecrusher, Rumble, Trailbreaker, Scrapper, Swoop, Blitzing, Laserbeak, Longhaul, Wheeljack and Sludge. Chase figures (Sunstreaker, Hound & Frenzy) once again are randomly inserted at various odds.

One of the two boxes that I purchased that day ultimately yielded Rumble...yes, Rumble, not Frenzy. I'm not here to get into the long time "RIBFIR" debate, so why don't we look at the toy?

If you aren't familiar with these Action Vinyls, they are small, deformed versions of the popular characters. They have limited least the Transformers do. He came packaged with his arms and guns sealed in separate bags inside the larger foil bag. He assembled very easily with the pile drivers pegging into the holes on this side and the guns pegging into his bag.

The sculpting on the head is fantastic, from the shape of the "helmet" to the facial expression. The paint apps are spot on and applied with care. There is no mistaking who this is supposed to be...again, I'm not going down that alley!

These are small, fun and inexpensive little collectibles. If I had a work desk I'd say they would make as a good "desk bot". I've worked the few of these I have into my collection by placing them on shelves throughout my office/hobby room and they blend in perfectly.

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