Tuesday, September 17, 2019


When I first started this blog I used Photobucket to host just about all of my pictures. Over the years this service seemed to work just fine, however recent changes have led to some of the pictures on my older reviews disappearing and being lost.

I really like the idea of archiving items in my collection with this blog and I really don't want to lose some of the things I've posted in the past. That said the blog won't be receiving much new content while I work to go back through my catalog of posts and back up the photos, clean some of them up (if necessary) and remove all ties to Photobucket.

I know this will take some time as it's a little tedious (and boring) so I do plan on posting some new content here and there...but I really want to get this work done before I charge forward.


  1. I guess this explains why I've seen so many old blog posts with missing photos, I always wondered what caused that. Thankfully I've always used the picture program on my computers, so my old posts may be crap writing wise, but at least the pictures aren't going anywhere :)