Thursday, January 11, 2018

Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Spider-Girl

I have been buried with work since the new year began and more recently I've been fighting off a really bad cold or possibly the flu. That would be why I haven't made my first post of 2018 until 11 days into the new year.

That said, I continue to comb through my backlog and came across Marvel Legends Spider-Girl. When I first opened this figure (for the packaged Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure parts) I was quick to dismiss this figure as I really had no attachment to the May "Mayday" Parker / Spider-Girl character. While I vividly remember her Marvel Comics series being launched and being the cornerstone of the M2 comic reality, I never cared for the character...that was until I read the epic Spider-Verse storyline. All the sudden this character was a little more intriguing and thus made me revisit her Legends figure.

Spider-Girl shares her traditional black window box packaging with the other female in the Spider-Man wave, Spider-Woman as part of the "Warriors of the Web" theme. She comes packaged with Hobgoblin's head, wings and an extra sword hilt. 

I'm not good when it comes to looking at action figures and being able to tell which pieces have been re-used from a previous release. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the majority of this figure has been re-used as it seems Hasbro only has a few female bucks. You can tell looking at this figure that the character is younger than some of the other similar sculpted figures. 

I have always loved this costume design as it reminds me of the one that Ben Reilly wore when he took over for Peter Parker as the Spider-Man in the 616 for awhile. The utility cuffs (I don't know their proper name) look functional and really cool. Paint apps are done really nicely, something that I don't always see on Legends figures.

She has all of the articulation that you would come to desire and expect from a Marvel Legends figure, however due to a lack of creativity and talent you won't see any cool action photography shots here...sorry! This is a great figure and being the huge Spider-Man fan that I am, I may be a little biased. It's a great female sculpt and a beautifully designed figure, but it's of a character that isn't a part of the main 616 Marvel Universe so I can understand if she may not appeal to everyone.

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  1. I love the suit but never get a chance to get this female version...