Sunday, May 28, 2017

Masters of the Universe Classics: Skeletor

It's been awhile since I've owned any of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, however recently I've discovered some old photos I took of many of the figures I once had. I had a horrible set up for photos and an old camera so many of the photos were terrible. While many of them were deleted, I did salvage a few and instead of letting them go to waste I decided to use a few.

Even though I really didn't grow up with the Masters of the Universe toys, I do have memories of watching the old cartoon. I'm not sure what the appeal was for me when Mattel relaunched these classic characters in new action figure form, but I gobbled up every monthly Matty Collector MOTU Classics figure. Mattel knew what they were doing by introducing Skeletor as the second figure in the line.

The Four Horsemen, who previously worked with NECA on their line of "staction figures" based on the designs of the Mike Young animated series, sculpted these figures for Mattel. They did a phenomenal job, especially with old Skeletor here. They managed to not only capture his animated likeness, but translate it into a great modern 8 inch action figure.

From the sculpted skull, to the hoodie and breast plate armor...ever detail was spot on. While body of the figure was sculpted in blue plastic, the head was painted and what a great job they did...blending the yellow and green hues together. The eyes were finished off with red for the what a great looking figure this is!

Like a lot of toy collectors, it's easy to get distracted from your core collection and pick up awesome toys. That's what happened with me with the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Eventually I realized that I didn't have the same love and passion for MOTU that I had for Transformers, so I pieced out the figures and sold them all. In retrospect I kind of wish I had held onto Skeletor (and He-Man) just because of the characters and the fact that they are great toys. I don't know what Mattel is up to these days with the MOTU characters and toys, but if you were ever on the fence of whether or not to buy this figure...don't hesitate! Skeletor is worth every penny he costs.

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