Friday, March 10, 2017

Q-Transformers: Optimus QT-09

It amazes me sometimes how I have so many toys, especially Transformers in my collection that I forgot I even owned. Today's post is yet another example of this. I guess it's easier to understand how this small toy has stayed off my radar.

While the Convoy / Optimus Prime character would initally receive a release in the Q-Transformers line in his Generation 1 form, his Alternity form would eventually get a release. I love all the different versions of the Alternity Nissan GT-R mold so this one was an instant purchase for me. What puzzles me a little is how he was named Optimus and not Convoy. (note: it's just Optimus, not Optimus Prime)

Takara Tomy did a fantastic job at capturing the real world likeness of the Nissan GT-R and crammed it into a Choro-Q style toy. The car is molded in red plastic and it's a brilliant shade of red, especially in hand. Paint apps are perfect, there is even a small GT-R logo on the back of the vehicle. The toy rolls well on a hard, smooth surface. Only flaw I can find, and it's a very small flaw is that the spoiler doesn't want to see to line up correctly.

Transformation for many of the Q-Transformers toys are basically the same and Optimus Prime here is no different. Pull down the legs, pull up and back on the car canopy to reveal the head, seperate the back of the car to form the shoulders and pull down the arms. The head sculpt matches his larger Alternity brethern really well.

I'm still amazed at how fun these little toys are. Just the other day my 5 year old daughter was sitting in my office playing with many of my Q-Transformers toys. She said they were some of her favorites because the cars were so "cute". Not sure if that was what Takara Tomy was going for, but hey I'm just glad she was having fun.

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